Listen to The Skeleton ​ Crew's Latest Podcast as they Sit Down with Dr. Tim O'Connell, CEO of emtelligent, to Discuss the Transformative Power of Unlocking Healthcare Data

This insightful episode, offers a deep dive into the power of emtelligent's NLP software in the field of radiology and informatics and how it can revolutionize healthcare.

Host Jen Callahan engages in an illuminating conversation with Dr. Tim O’Connell,
the CEO of emtelligent and a practicing radiologist. Dr. O’Connell also shares more about his journey from a diverse background in engineering and neuroscience to founding emtelligent and becoming a radiologist.

Lessons You'll Learn

The discussion delves deep into the functionalities of emtelligent’s software, designed to process unstructured medical language and convert it into structured data. Dr. O’Connell also provided valuable insights for individuals aspiring to become radiologic technologists. By granting access to invaluable patient information and streamlining tasks like summarizing patient histories, emtelligent’s software contributes to enhancing the quality of healthcare delivery and mitigating burnout among healthcare professionals.


About Our Guest

The guest of honor in this episode is Dr. Tim O’Connell, the CEO of emtelligent and a practicing radiologist. Dr. O’Connell brings a unique perspective to the table, drawing from his background in engineering and neuroscience. He shares his passion for revolutionizing healthcare through informatics, emphasizing the need for software that can decipher complex medical documents accurately. Host Jen Callahan navigates the ​
conversation expertly, unraveling the intricate world of radiology and healthcare technology.


Topics Covered

Dr. O’Connell provides insights into the inception of emtelligent and its mission to enhance healthcare through innovative software. The episode explores the capabilities of emtelligent’s software, which can process unstructured medical language and transform it into structured data. This technology’s potential applications extend beyond radiology, benefiting government agencies, health insurance companies, biotech firms, and even patients. Moreover, Dr. O’Connell discussed the pivotal role of radiologic technologist programs in preparing future professionals.

Listen to the full podcast here. ​ Watch the interview here.

Read the rest of the overview and transcript here.




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