emtelligent and Bialogics Analytics Making a Difference at SickKids

Through our emtelliPro NLP engine, we are honored to be part of our partner, Bialogics Analytics' solution to improve research capabilities at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto. 


Bialogics Analytics Converts 20 years of Diagnostic Reporting to Facilitate Clinical Research and Operational Analytics in Medical Imaging

Toronto Ontario – January 07, 2021

Bialogics Analytics announces the implementation of its DxPro Clinical and Operational Analytics Solution for Medical Imaging at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids). SickKids, an academic pediatric hospital in Toronto, Ontario, turned 20 years of radiology reporting into a unified data repository containing 2.5 million diagnostic reports.

Bialogics technology has created a structured and searchable database used for research, clinical, and operational analytics that provides access to cohort identification and extraction and codification of discrete variables that can be used for research initiatives and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) development.

The Bialogics Analytics Solution leverages the emtelliProTM advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine with detailed search tools that intelligently identify synonyms, acronyms, relationships, and other correlations clinicians and researchers can quickly identify clinical cohorts and analyze cross-functional, multi-disciplinary data across all corners of an enterprise while also reducing the time and cost of research initiatives.

Jeff Vachon, President of Bialogics adds: “Existing workflow and analytical tools offered as part of your RIS/PACS are interesting for operational monitoring, but not informative enough for research or transforming patient care. The convergence of imaging metadata with knowledge extracted from diagnostic reports provides a new level of intelligence that has the potential to drive evidence-driven improvements in imaging workflow efficiency and care quality while supporting clinical research initiatives that will continue to advance disease tracking and management in the future.”

About Bialogics

Bialogics Analytics provides fully interoperable and innovative data transformation solutions for Medical Imaging building the data foundations to support the emerging markets of AI, ML and Business Intelligence with its AI-Ready, Business Intelligence Platform. Bialogics is the first fully interoperable, truly vendor agnostic platform designed to be highly scalable, performant, and modular for medical imaging researchers, physicians, and administrators that integrates seamlessly into any medical imaging ecosystem to deliver complete and actionable insights in real-time. For more information please visit: www.bialogics.com or contact jvachon@bialogics.com

About emtelligent™

Based in Vancouver, BC, emtelligent™ partners with healthcare institutions, companies and organizations to strategically structure their unstructured medical data, helping them increase safety, operating efficiency and the quality of care. The emtelliPro™ engine and emtelliSuite™ apps are available now, and the team is on-hand to consult regarding your medical data needs. Learn more or schedule a demonstration at www.emtelligent.com or call 1-877-GO-EMTEL (1-877-463-6835) today.

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